Fravak (2015)


by Electroqute

© Copyright - Electroqute / Electroqute (889211162734)

After releasing “Caution”  and “Nashenakhte”, Electroqute started the preproduction of “Fravak” in spring 2014 at Marsandiz studio in   Istanbul, Turkey.  During summer,  the songs were recorded in Dreamwave studio in Iran, and mixing and mastering were done in fall 2014 and winter 2015. In “Fravak”,  alongside rock and heavy metal music,  the band has tried to use  Iranian music modes and most lyrics are influenced by internal conflicts,  social problems, and history and epics of ancient Iran.

1-Fravak 2-Mehr 3-Shabhaye Vazhgoon 4-Ta Dirooz 5-Pooran 6-Hezartoo 7-Shekaf 8-Sayehaye Sargardan 9-Tighe Kond(Remastered) 10-Malikhoolia(Acoustic)

Genre: Metal/Heavy Metal

Release Date:6 March 2015

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