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  • Bimari

    Bimari is the newest single from the band which released in October 2019 Read More
  • Fravak (2015)

    is Electroqute's third album which in this album band has tried to use Iranian music modes and most lyrics are influenced by internal conflicts, social problems and history and epics of ancient Iran.
  • Nashenakhte (2014)

    is second Album including Malikhoolia, Nashenakhte, Gozargah, Mohre, Bekranie, Aloode, Released in 2014.
  • Caution! (2011)

    is the first Album including Intro, Tighe Kond, Khakestari, Hobab, Goriz, Del Naband, Spee, Outro, Released in 2011.
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